LIRNEasia at Open Data Conference

Posted on May 25, 2015  /  0 Comments

I’m scheduled to talk about how data that is in the hands of private entities at the Open Data Conference in Ottawa May 28-29.

While this next generation of “open data” is slowly emerging, key questions and persistent obstacles need to be considered. What sort of incentives lead businesses and nonprofits to decide to share their data assets? How can potential users of the data help allay concerns about privacy and competitive risks, and how should such users be chosen? What sorts of legal and technical frameworks — be they APIs, data pools, or research partnerships — are best suited to maximizing the public value of private data?

During this session, we will aim to take stock of current practices of data collaboration between private and public actors, explore the many “shades” of open data innovations, and how to ensure they are able to fulfill their potential to advance the public good in a responsible manner.

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