LIRNEasia research discussed with young Filipino IT enthusiasts

Posted on September 17, 2015  /  0 Comments

An online publication has written about Grace Mirandilla Santos’s presentation at a recent Youth Congress on Information Technology:

Citing various studies, Santos also revealed that 80% of all elementary schools or some 38,000 schools nationwide are not connected online.

According to Santos’ study at LIRNEasia, ISPs give us 70% to 80% short of what they promise.

“Ideally, there are more kilobytes per second you receive for every piso you pay. But it shows here that one kilobyte per peso is what we get, which is very low compared to other countries,” Santos explained.

She added: “Of all the ISPs we tested, Philippine ISPs offer the lowest value for money, and that means that Filipino Internet subscribers are pretty more oppressed.”


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