Another announcement on Paypal in Sri Lanka

Posted on February 1, 2016  /  0 Comments

Several years ago I stated at an Asia Pacific Telecommunity event that I was done talking about international mobile roaming. I had given so many presentations to various configurations of government officials with zero results, at least in terms of government actions. The jawboning effects were considerable nevertheless, and roaming pricing has improved to be benefit of customers and the operators. The talking had an effect.

I am close to that point of frustration with Paypal’s inward payments facility for Sri Lanka.

Here’s the latest announcement.

The regional head of PayPal is to have discussions with Sri Lanka’s officials over freeing Paypal inward payments for citizens in the country, Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando said.

“Regional head of PayPal will visit Sri Lanka this Wednesday. He is scheduled to have talks with Central Bank Governor and Finance Minister about this matter,” he said.

Paypal is a worldwide payments system that evolved out of the US, where small payments can be sent to over 190 countries at the moment.

Full Paypal freedoms are available in most free countries but some nations, including Sri Lanka are yet to allow payments to be received and withdrawn via Paypal.

Sri Lanka has already freed outward payments by Paypal accounts, which can be linked to credit cards.

The government and Paypal had better get their act together. Our research on microwork indicates that the workarounds exist and are gaining momentum.

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