What can we learn from Systematic Reviews for the advancement of MSMEs?

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On 26 April 2016, Dr Vigneswara Illavarasan who led the Systematic Review on ICTs and MSMEs, convened an expert roundtable to discuss the results and to learn from those working in the field. To round out his study, which was focused on urban areas, I presented the Systematic Review on the impact mobiles had on rural livelihoods and related indicators. The invitees were experts in the field, except for the Ministry representatives everyone who had said they’d come did come, and the discussion of rich with insights.

The slides on MSMEs are here.
The slides on rural livelihoods are here.

To me, the most interesting question related to the audiences we were trying to reach. My answer was that the audience we wanted to reach was in the room. The findings of social science Systematic Reviews of the type that we undertake are of little interest to the general public or its proxy, the media. The people who can act on the basis of this particular information are public and private sector decision makers.

Dr. Vigneswara Ilavarasan presenting the findings of the SR

Vigneswara Ilavarasan presenting the results of the SR on ICTs & MSMEs


Rohan Samarajiva on the impact of mobile on rural livelihoods

Rohan Samarajiva on the impact of mobiles on rural livelihoods



Participants at the event

The event report can be accessed here
More photographs from the event can be accessed here
Video coverage of the event can be accessed here

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