Creating IT based ventures & employment in North

Posted on December 20, 2016  /  0 Comments

There is huge potential for Jaffna as a second tier IT city. If ideal investment climate is created and few large-scale firms are brought, city can be easily positioned as a hub for IT – BPO operation and providing employment opportunity for many which is currently a big issue in North.

There are lots of positive factors lined up

  • Youth in Jaffna are very tech savvy and highly enthusiastic ICT arena.
  • Budget 2017 announces 200% Capital allowance for business starting in North
  • Capacity of diaspora population and their willingness to invest
  • Few volunteer organizations active in region creating awareness and interest to IT entrepreneurship among Northern youth.
  • ECTA, PM’s plan of creating 500 B regional economies by connecting south Indian states could benefit city like Jaffna.


Read more on this from below link on my article to Roar- Tamil

Image credit: Yarl IT hub

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