Power cuts handicap online freelancing

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burning-the-midnight-candle“The power cuts in Sri Lanka are unannounced. It’s really difficult when we have power cuts. The customers don’t believe us when we say that we can’t deliver work on time because we have power cuts. These are people who have never experienced power cuts in their entire life” this is what Sandun, a 25 year old online worker said at a focus group conducted by LIRNEasia among online freelancers.

Load shedding was identified as a barrier to work online. Working online requires self-discipline to deliver work on time. When the work is not delivered on time, customers give micro workers low ratings. These low ratings affect their profile and their marketability in the long term. Making the public aware about load shedding schedules is important as more and more younger people now work online and as power is a must to deliver work on time.

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