“Simbi” online platform promoting “Symbiotic Economy”

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A Simbi_Logo-960x600symbiotic relationship occurs when two individuals or group of people work together by helping one another with the intent of obtaining help in return. Simbi – an emerging crowd working platform has termed “Symbiotic Economy”, as an exchange of skills and services without spending cash.


Unlike other platforms, the cash earned cannot be withdrawn from Simbi.  All the earnings will retained within the symbiotic economy. Once a person provides a service, he/she can use the points earned to get another service. One can earn Simbi by performing services for other members, and by completing actions as a result improving the experience of the entire community.

At LIRNEasia, we studied about Gig economy and how it works, symbiotic economy is another dimension of crowd working.

Look at this video to understand how symbiotic economy works,

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