LIRNEasia’s broadband work in Nepal is already contributing

Posted on July 16, 2017  /  0 Comments

The big news from the last broadband course we taught in Nepal was that only 2.6 percent of all the universal service funds collected since 1998 had been disbursed.  This information, unearthed in the course of completing an assignment, was presented to decision makers in government who came to judge the mock public hearing.  It was published in the Nepali media.

Two years later, the Senior Director of the Nepal Telecom Authority who spoke about the regulatory aspects of broadband rollout did not speak in vague generalities or in the future tense.  He spoke of least-cost subsidy auctions conducted and contracts signed.  Appears that Nepal is moving on the challenging tasks of connecting its people.

What was even more heartening was the intense and substantive questioning he faced after making a comprehensive presentation.  And his concluding comments that welcomed suggestions on how to execute the initiatives better.  This creates a lot of hope as we start this major project.


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