Talking about big data and SDGs in Manila, based on our work with mobile network big data

Posted on September 26, 2017  /  3 Comments

We like to engage with National Statistical Offices. Because they have data we can use and population frames that make our surveys possible. Also because we believe we can help them understand the true potential of big data to complement old style data they’ve been working with for years.

Why us? There are plenty of people with slide decks on big data. What’s different about us is that we actually work with big data, been doing so since 2012. When we talk about challenges of working with big data we do so because we’ve faced the challenges and have the scars to prove it.

When the opportunity arose to discuss what big data analytics could contribute to measuring SDGs, we said yes. This will be at 1100 Manila Time on the 5th of October at the international conference hosted by the Philippines Statistics Authority.

The slideset.


  1. LIRNEasia being primarily SriLanka based organisation who has shown interest in using big data? Central Bank or Statics Dept?

    1. UDA and Megapolis Ministry. Then Statistics.

    2. Not just interest but they are also using our outputs