LIRNEasia’s contribution to work under the Broadband for All Pillar of ESCAP AP-IS

Posted on November 2, 2017  /  0 Comments

Most of the organizations that were given time at the First Session of the Steering Committee meeting used the time to advertise themselves. I chose instead to present our broad range of contributions to AP-IS in the form of a short presentation of work done under the Project on Myanmar as an Inclusive Information Society.

I briefly described some findings from the baseline and endline surveys, pointing out that much of what came out from the ITU on Internet users was worthless. We are not expecting to do such surveys again, though there is value in surveys being done periodically.

My second point was on the need to develop an understanding of broadband quality of service experience. This is where consumers and politicians feel the effects of the international backhaul problems that AP-IS is seeking to solve.

My final point was that it was essential that policy makers and regulators had adequate capacity to understand the underlying problems (and contribute to solving them, or at least not contribute to aggravating them).

The slideset.

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