Connection between fiction and what we do at LIRNEasia

Posted on January 1, 2018  /  0 Comments

Two years ago, I wrote this in my year-end message to the LIRNEasia team:

The first thing that comes to mind is the book club. Not something that LIRNEasia management initiated, but something that spontaneously emerged. Having learned more from the books that I hid under my desk in school than from formal education, I strongly believe the value of reading.
And I happen to also believe that fiction and poetry are perhaps the best vehicles for communicating the most abstract of truths. The business gurus and even the foundations are now going on about the power of stories, another thing LIRNEasia was ahead of the curve on. So you can understand why I love the fact the book club self-organized.

Sadly, the book club I refer to has gone the way of all things. Anicca vata sankhara.

But instead, we now have a novelist on staff. And he writes good near-future sci-fi, which is perhaps the most relevant genre for our work.

Here is my review in the most widely read English newspaper in Sri Lanka.

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