New Pew Research on smartphone ownership mirrors AfterAccess findings

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Pew Research, based on the Global Attitudes Survey, reports that 22 percent of the adult population in India owned a smartphone in 2017. This finding mirrors the findings of our AfterAccess surveys conducted in India in late 2017, which revealed that 17 percent of the population aged 15-65 owned a smartphone. Smartphones only accounted for 28 percent of total mobile ownership in India, which stood at 61 percent.

Source: After Access nationally representative surveys (2017)

Smartphone ownership in Cambodia was higher than its South Asian counterparts, with a third of the population aged 15-65 reporting that they owned smartphones. The corresponding numbers in Myanmar, however, were even higher than that in Cambodia. Our research conducted revealed that 48 percent of the population aged 15-65 owned smartphones in mid-2016. The numbers are likely to have increased since. 78 percent of mobile owners reported using smartphones in this survey.

Some findings of the After Access nationally representative surveys, conducted in Asia, Africa and Latin America by LIRNEasia, RIA and DIRSI respectively, can be found here.

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