Assessing the potential for IT-centric development in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province

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Since 2016, we at LIRNEasia have had a strong engagement with the post-conflict Northern Province. In my role at ICTA, I was invited to inaugurate the incubator space established by the Northern Chamber of Information Technology on 26 June 2018. The seven-hour one-way journey did not justify a single event. So we crammed in a whole series of interactions, including a structured discussion organized by our partner Jaffna Managers’ Forum. Among the invited senior professionals and politicians were the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Provincial Council members, senior academics, etc. The topic was IT Sector Contribution to the Northern Province.

The discussion was rich. It included a frank assessment of the potential for attracting IT firms to the region, including problems of quantity and quality of human resources and issues of connectivity.

The slideset.

Labor data gets updated quickly. So here is updated slideset, with 2017 data.

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