LIRNEasia CEO at International Conference on ICT for Rural Development

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CEO Helani Galpaya gave one of the keynote addresses at the International Conference on ICT for Rural Development held in Bali, Indonesia.

Helani’s talk focused on the state of access and use of the Internet in the Global South, based not the AfterAccess research, and also drew from LIRNEasia’s Systematic Reviews and Big Data research [link]. Helani’s talk was followed by a panel discussion with the other key note speaker (Prof. Wataru Imajuku (Kindai University, Japan), moderated by Prof. Kalamullah Ramli of University of Indonesia.

LIRNEasia CEO Helani Galpaya at International Conference on ICT for Rural Development in Bali, Indonesia. October, 2018

Indonesia is facing significant urban-rural gaps in infrastructure access due to unavailability of affordable backhaul connectivity. The challenges are compounded because it is a country made up of thousands of separate islands.

Other speakers in the two event included Prof. Wolfgang Drechsler (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia) and Dr. Roger W. Harris (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Malaysia).

Helani’s presentation slides are found here.

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