LIRNEasia at RightsCon 2019

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Understanding the use and abuse of social media is an urgent issue for rights-based organizations and social media platforms, especially in conflict vulnerable countries with transitioning politics and high-stakes elections. What lessons have researchers and tech leaders drawn from working at the intersection of these issues? What investments could improve the response to harms on social media? This discussion will examine these questions and offer suggestions, drawing on insights from researchers from South Asia, Francophone Africa and a Director of Product from Facebook.

Thursday, June 13

Workshop – Decolonising Cyberpolicy: Developing a Cyberpolicy Framework Relevant to the Global South (Speakers: Helani Galpaya)

Internet adoption rates in the Global South have expanded significantly, resulting in unprecedented obstacles for national policymakers and regulators in developing effective policies that promote and protect digital rights while enabling digital innovation. Policymakers in the Global South face unique challenges in enabling a dynamic cyberpolicy environment and to create the capacity to respond with appropriate regulations that enforce legislation, protect users and promote effective adoption and innovation. Thus, a key challenge in the Global South regarding cyberpolicy is creating an inclusive digital society that fosters human rights, network openness, cybersecurity and promotes economic growth. The proposed workshop will enable an interactive discussion on national, regional and global approaches to cyberpolicy development while focusing on priorities of the Global South. Each of the participating panelists, invited from regional cyberpolicy centres based in Africa, Asia and Latin America respectively, will share their experiences of developing regionally-relevant research agendas that respond to cyberpolicy challenges that are globally relevant. Thereafter, a selection of stakeholders from various sectors will discuss the interactions between Global North and Global South cyberpolicy challenges and how to improve collaboration to bolster human rights-based policymaking within a global context.

Panel – Business for Better Cybersecurity: How the private sector can promote economic growth and digital rights (Speakers: Helani Galpaya)

The digital economy is fostering economic growth and democratizing opportunities for emerging market businesses, but growing cybersecurity threats jeopardize long-term economic growth and customers’ digital rights. Despite this, conversations around cybersecurity best practices and policies are still relatively absent from mainstream policy discussions. This panel will invite speakers from the private sector, civil society, and government from around the world to discuss the role of business in leading engagements around improved cybersecurity policy and practices in emerging markets. Speakers will present on how their countries have engaged on related cybersecurity issues and the ramifications for growth and digital rights. This will be followed by a moderated discussion on best practices for implementing strong cybersecurity protections in emerging market businesses, common challenges, policy approaches, and advocacy strategies. The session will conclude by opening the panel for audience questions.

Friday, June 14

Workshop – Designing a More Inclusive Digital Economy (Speakers: Ayesha Zainudeen)

Session Objectives:- Establishing that the digital economy can make the most contributions to development when we purposefully take measures to ensure for inclusion.
– Sharing research about how inclusive access and usage of the internet are today in certain regions, and where are the gaps that need to be addressed.
– Sharing research on how women and some marginalized groups experience the online world, and how this affects their Internet access and usage.
– Exploring policy recommendations that can be taken collaboratively to improve inclusion in the digital economy.

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