Media coverage of AfterAccess in Sri Lanka

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Date Name of Publication Title with link Author/Host
19-May-19 Asian Sun Sri Lanka e-commerce use still low, survey finds unknown
22-May-19 Ada Derana Social media users say ‘OK’ to blocking during times of unrest unknown
23-May-19 Daily FT How are we doing in e-government? Rohan Samarajiva
23-May-19 Daily Mirror Internet users reluctant to use e-commerce despite high awareness: survey Nishel Fernando
24-May-19 Economy Next Affordability, need limit Sri Lanka smart phone ownership unknown
24-May-19 Ceylon Business Reporter High awareness, low use of e-commerce in Sri Lanka unknown
24-May-19 Ceylon Today Social media users say ‘OK’ to blocking during times of unrest unknown
24-May-19 Daily News Sri Lanka punches below its weight on digital indicators Dinesh Perera
24-May-19 Business Studio Sri Lanka Weighs Low on Digital Indicators unknown
26-May-19 Sunday Observer Regulations to mitigate fake news on the cards Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
26-May-19 Sunday Observer Time to shift from basic browsing to content creation – LIRNEasia CEO Sanjeevi Jayasuriya
26-May-19 Sunday Thinakkural இலங்கையில்‌ சமூக ஊ.கங்களின்‌ மீதான தடையால்‌ மக்களுக்கு எவ்வித பாதிர்ராறில்லை unknown
27-May-19 The Daily Star Active SIMs cross 16cr Star Business Report
27-May-19 Economy Next Sri Lanka mobile phone network latency not good enough, survey finds unknown
30-May-19 Divaina අන්තර්ජාල වෙළඳාම ජයටම Madara Mudalige
1-Jun-19 Ravaya ඉතින් ඊට පස්සේ? ලක්වැසියන් තොරතුරු සමාජයට පිවිසෙන හැටි Nalaka Gunawardene
3-Jun-19 The Morning How connected is Sri Lanka today? Nalaka Gunawardene
4-Jun-19 Dinamina තොරතුරු තාක්ෂණය සමාජ ප්‍රගමනය සඳහා විය යුතුය Buddhika Brahmanage
9-Jun-19 The Morning Social Media use in Sri Lanka: Demand-side insights Nalaka Gunawardene
20-Jun-19 The Daily Star How to measure progress in e-governance Rohan Samarajiva
23-Jun-19 The Morning E-government: Gap between hype and reality Nalaka Gunawardene
5-Jul-19 Daily FT Seven new facts we learnt about mobile and internet use in Sri Lanka Ajith P. Perera
18-Jul-19 Echelon Magazine REALITY CHECKS ON DIGITAL HYPE AND ITS DIVIDENDS Nalaka Gunawardene

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