Unknown enemy and unarmed defenders

Posted by on April 3, 2020  /  0 Comments

Coronavirus (the virus causing the disease Covid-19) has two universal problems: no vaccine or drug has been developed as yet, and the diagnostic tools are scarce. This combination has dangerously multiplied the risk of infecting Bangladesh. Because, our population density is much higher than those countries that have been fatally hit by far (see the graph).

Covid-19 is not the last pandemic virus. And nobody knows when the next one will attack, followed by another. Therefore, big data analytics using live mobile phone connections must not be a one-off affair in Bangladesh. It should be captured in our national security policy with paramount importance.

That’s why, the mobile big data should be processed only by the individuals having required security clearance. Competent data scientists with global experience reside in Bangladesh. Finding and engaging them is up to the government’s political goodwill. Full article.

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