The passing of Nirmani Liyanage

Posted on November 14, 2022  /  2 Comments

We are saddened to hear that Nirmani Liyanage passed away suddenly over the weekend.  She was junior researcher at LIRNEasia for a brief time before leaving for her post-graduate studies to study what she was passionate about. We quote here what LIRNEasia alumnus Sriganesh Lokanathan wrote in his Facebook yesterday when he heard about her passing:

“Sad to hear of the sudden passing of Nirmani Liyanage. She worked briefly for me many years ago and in hiring her I remember her confidence and curiosity that struck me and stayed with me. She only worked a few months before she resigned to pursue higher studies after an opportunity arose.  Many years later when she came back to Sri Lanka randomly ran into her at another colleagues wedding. The curiosity and confidence was still there but seemed even more honed. I’ve heard so many good things about her work in Sri Lanka, more so in this last year. Sad indeed that she has gone too soon. May she go to eternal rest from samsara and reach the supreme bliss of nirvana”

It was indeed a confident and purposeful Nirmani, Sri Lanka and the world saw during the Aragalaya. Her passing is a loss.

Rest in peace Nirmani.



  2. Chintha: According to a former colleague: “Our beloved Nirmani Liyanage’s remains will lie for final respects at ‘The Respect by Jayarathne’ in Borella on Tuesday from 8.30am to 10:00pm and Wednesday from 8.30 am onwards. Time of final rites on Wednesday will be confirmed. “.

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