CEO Helani Galpaya appointed to Steering Committee of International Observatory on Information and Democracy

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On the occasion of the International Day for Democracy, the International Observatory on Information and Democracy (OID) announced the appointment of 19 influential leaders in policy, research, and academia to its Steering Committee. Among the appointees is Helani Galpaya, Chief Executive Officer of LIRNEasia, who will bring her expertise to shape the global discourse on information and democracy.

The steering committee consists of thought leaders from diverse geographies and disciplines, encompassing fields as wide-ranging as political science, ethics, journalism, engineering, anthropology, economics and data science. The group will oversee the process of completing an authoritative report evaluating and synthesising scientific contributions related to the challenges faced in the information ecosystem.

According to the Forum on Information Democracy, ‘the Observatory’s work on information and democracy is equivalent to the IPCC for climate change, and just as urgent – as underscored by the generous commitment from this globally eminent group of thought leaders. Their work as Steering Committee members will be critical in establishing a robust, scientific foundation for understanding the impact of new technologies and behaviours on democratic governance and institutions.’

The OID is the evaluation framework of the Forum on Information and Democracy. Its mission is to aggregate and synthesise existing research and available data to provide policy-makers with a periodic global assessment of the information and communication space and its impact on democracy, in the form of biennial reports.

The Steering Committee’s first report is set to be published within 12 months.

The group of 19 renowned experts appointed to the Steering Committee includes (in alphabetical order):

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