LIRNEasia is a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank active across the Asia Pacific

IGF Academy Fellowships: Applications are now being called. For more details see announcement.

Broadband Policy Course in India: Applications are being called for Indian citizens residing in the country to participate in the course held from 19- 22 August 2016. For more details see announcement.

CPRsouth conferences

Capacity and field-building program to develop an Asia-Pacific knowledge network on ICT policy regulation

Communication Policy Research (CPR) south is intended to be a vehicle for building capacity in communication policy research in the Asia Pacific in the first instance, and then in the South. The core functions of CPRsouth are to organize an annual conference and to provide a virtual platform for interaction among communication policy researchers in the South. The objective is to create policy intellectuals capable of informed and effective intervention in ICT policy and regulatory processes in specific country contexts, within the larger context of communication policy research as a field flourishing in the universities and research institutes of the South. All conferences include tutorials for young scholars.

CPRsouth conferences have been held annually since 2007, and are funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

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