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The newest norm: Social networking

You meet new people. You add them in facebook. You chat with them, tag them in pictures, comment on their status updates  and share information. Some of us even have our twitter account in our business card. So people may follow you and you may follow anyone whom you think is interesting and/or is informative. An article […]

Electronic connectivity: A reason to keep on going

The New York Times has a good piece on the use of Facebook by the elderly and isolated. LIRNEasia qualitative and quantitative research shows that plain old voice telephony and SMS keep people at the BOP connected and keeps them going on. But Ms. Rice, 73, is far from lonely. Housebound after suffering a heart […]

An antidote to the scare stories

The Internet is a public space, and like any public space it is not without danger. But the scare stories are overhyped as the NYT story based on a USD 50 million research project shows: Good news for worried parents: All those hours their teenagers spend socializing on the Internet are not a bad thing, […]

Scarcity of time for webservices (or why I am not on linkedin)?

I am guilty of not being on any of the social networking sites.  All the invitations I receive, I designate as junkmail.  It’s not luddism, nor incompetence, nor arrogance.  Just simple lack of time.   Just to deal with my email and tend to this website, I need 26 hours a day.  Where am I going […]

Open platform for mobile Internet

Given that Asian countries are taking the lead in mobile software applications (in Sri Lanka, already using open source), this is a very exciting development. LANKA BUSINESS ONLINE – LBO A Google-led international alliance announced Monday it is releasing open-source software that will free developers to bring the full power of desktop computing to mobile […]


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