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BOOK: ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia

ICT INFRASTRUCTURE IN EMERGING ASIA: Policy and Regulatory Roadblocks

Edited by Rohan Samarajiva & Ayesha Zainudeen

Published by SAGE Publications & IDRC , ISBN 978-0-7619-3673-2

This edited volume, based on LIRNEasia ‘s 2004-2006 research program brings together scholars, practitioners, former regulators and policy makers to address the problem of expanding information and communication technology (ICT) connectivity in emerging Asia. It centrally engages the widespread claim that technology by itself—independent of policy and regulatory reform—can improve access to ICTs. In doing so, it shows that while complex workarounds are possible, they are significantly less effective than the appropriate policy and regulatory reforms.

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BOOK: ICT Infrastructure in Emerging Asia

Author(s): Laurent Elder, Rohan Samarajiva, Alison Gillwald, and Hernán Galperin

Information and communication have always opened opportunities for the poor to earn income, reduce isolation, and respond resiliently to emergencies. With mobile phone use exploding across the developing world, even marginalized communities are now benefiting from modern communication tools.

This book explores the impacts of this unprecedented technological change. Drawing on unique household surveys undertaken by research networks active in 38 developing countries, it helps to fill knowledge gaps about how the poor use information and communication technologies (ICTs). How have they benefited from mobile devices, computers, and the Internet? What insights can research provide to promote affordable access to ICTs, so that communities across the developing world can take advantage of the opportunities they offer?

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