Email Posting Enabled

Posted on October 20, 2004  /  0 Comments

The most widely used ap on the Net is email, so rather than have people learn a new skill I’ve hooked this site up to email. The site only accepts emails from people it knows, so you have to Register

(sorry to people who have to do it again, last time I promise!).

Then just send a normal email. If you’re using Outlook please send the email as plain text. All the formatting gives the Server a seizure.

To: lirne AT
Subject: The Title Of Your Post
Content: Blah blah blah this is an interesting news article I read, here’s the link and what I think about it.
Attachment: a document or photo (try Google Images)

PS. the Server checks its email every 20 minutes, so expect an average wait of 10 minutes before your post appears on the site.

PPS. Please understand that this is hacked together and may explode. Thanks to John Blade for the script!

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