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Posted on October 29, 2004  /  3 Comments

People seem to be biting the New York Times pretty hard this week, so I’ve added a direct feed to Circuits in the sidebar, and one to WiFi News for good measure. These are just temporary since people seem to be talking about these topics. We can get feeds to most big news sources (Harsha). If you can find a RSS or XML button on any sites you like they can be syndicated. This, for example, is a Gizmodo Wireless feed below. In this feed, as it exists at midnight, the WiFlyer link is relevant to Sri Lanka. It’s router that can convert dial-up to WiFi. They also link to a Cell-to-WiFi converter which is useful for getting less-than-perfect connectivity out to remote areas.

Oh, and the WiFi News has links to the Bangla Broadband story and on the Internet thru powerlines, they’re saying that companies are reluctant to invest.


  1. We recently added RSS 0.9/2.0 newsfeeds to our website, too. So now you can get almost-daily updates about global policy developments in unlicensed wireless by pasting this link into your newsreader:

    We would appreciate hearing from people in Asia with regulatory and policy news – especially when it has not already been reported in English. We also seek contacts and information about “open spectrum” activists everywhere outside North America. Many thanks in advance for your help.

  2. This updates the information in the preceding comment.

    After becoming a nonprofit foundation in 2005, we got a new Internet domain name, redesigned and expanded our website, and reconfigured our newsfeed. RSS is now supported at

    One can also subscribe via email through Bloglet, by putting your email address into the lower right corner of our homepage.

    Robert Horvitz
    Director, The Open Spectrum Foundation
    Amsterdam – Prague

  3. Rob, thanks for providing the link , we will monitor your site.