Mission statement-Tabulated Comments

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Hi Lirneasia folks,

below is a table that tabulates all the comments we have received so far on LIRNEasia’s provisional mission statement. You have another opportunity to review the statement and see if you would like to propose any further changes. Shortly, the mission statement will be finalised and sent to the board of directors to be approved and framed on the wall. So the window of opportunity for intervention is limited. ACT SOON

Mission Statement Comments
.. to enable those uses by building Asia-based human capacity through research, training, consulting and advocacy Chanuka:
involving in the research and development activities towards that end
Alternate Phrasing Chanuka: To improve the living conditions of the Asian population, both economically and socially, by advocating the pragmatic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), actively participating in bringing in changes to the current legal, policy and regulation frameworks to enable those uses; involving in the research and development activities towards that end and building Asia-based human capacity through training, consulting and advocacy.�
To improve the lives the people of Asia Luxman:
The upliftment of the living conditions of people, particularly under privileged.Chanuka:
Both economically and socially
…by making it easier to use Divakar:
I don�t see �ease of use� as LIRNEasia�s core mission. I think we may be more focussed on making appropriate ICT technologies & services more accessible to the masses; by which I mean we encourage connectivity or services to be deployed in areas that were previously unserved.Rohan:
I purposely used the broader term to signal that we were broader than telecom; access is such a telecom term. Even in terms of telecom, access is just one dimension of sector performance, the others being price, quality, and choice. We have to also think of our audience who are not necessarily telecom insiders.

by advocating the pragmatic use

By making use of

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