NEWS:SL Presentation to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry

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NEWS:SL [National Early Warning System: Sri Lanka] was presented to the �Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Inquire into Matters Relating to the Conduct of Relevant State Institutions/Agencies Following the Natural Disasters which Occurred on 26 December 2004, and the Measures that Should be Taken to Improve Early Warning Mechanism for Natural Disasters and Thereby to Prevent or Mitigate Such Devastation� following a presentation of same to the Commission� on March 15 2005, less than three months after the greatest catastrophe faced by Sri Lanka in modern times.

The salient features of the Concept Paper were presented to the Commission, in addition several other research findings relevant to the Commission. The importance of an all-hazards approach was stressed and governance model options were discussed. Recommendations on actions that are needed by government were made and intended actions by the Vanguard Foundation were presented.

Commission members, retired Supreme Court Judge H.S. Yapa (chairman) and retired Court of Appeal Judge P.H.K. Kulatilaka took great interest in the presentation made by authors, Rohan Samarajiva and Malathy Knight John and Vanguard Services Managing Director, Lakshaman Bandaranayake.

Copies of the final Concept Paper were provided to the Commission, and supplementary material and contacts were also provided.

Presentation slides: NEWS:SL Presentation to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry

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