ICT policy as development strategy

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Samarajiva and Zainudeen had an article published in this issue of E-Gov, the full PDF of which is linked to below.

In 2002, the-government of Sri Lanka embarked upon a broad development strategy, with a focus on services. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) were identified as one of the key drivers of national integration and economic growth. The eSri Lanka Initiative (eSL), which was designed in 2002-03, was intended to �take the dividends of ICT to every village, to every citizen, to every business and transform the way Government works � [to] develop Sri Lanka�s economy, alleviate poverty, and improve the quality of life and the opportunities for all of our people� .

R. Samarajiva & A. Zainudeen,
e-Government as part of Sri Lanka�s overall development strategy
e Gov (New Delhi), May-June 2005, 9-12

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