Do Policy & Regulation Matter?

Posted on December 13, 2005  /  0 Comments

Nov 17, 2005, infoDev session, organized in partnership with IDRC   
A panel of distinguished experts responded to this broad question dealing with what role policymakers and regulators can play in balancing the public interest and fostering a flexible environment for ICT innovations. Rohan Samarajiva’s response is available as a video. [please allow file to load completely before playing]

: William Melody, LIRNE.NET, Center for ICT, Technical University of Denmark
1. Muna Nijem, Chair, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, Jordan
2. Eng. Alaa Fahmy, Executive President, National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt
3. Jean-Michel Hubert, French Ambassador to WSIS
4. Ronaldo Balsinde, European Telecom Practice Leader, McKinsey & Co.
5. Rohan Samarajiva, Executive Director, LIRNEasia VIDEO [6 minutes]
6. Donald Abelson, Director, International Department, Federal Communications Commisison, USA 

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