Seismic monitoring in Sri Lanka

Posted on May 15, 2006  /  0 Comments

The link below is to a comprehensive article by a geo scientist on Sri Lanka’s seismic monitoring capabilities.
Paper Articles – The Island
“The seismic monitoring equipment available at the University of Peradeniya with peripherals at other national universities needs to be operationalized properly as a national network. The entire system must be maintained with the involvement of a competent group of scientists.

The data processing centre at Peradeniya should be linked to the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau enabling independent data processing and interpretation at both these locations. Further, the coordinating centre of the security forces should have a direct link with the network to receive real time information. In addition, the local network should be connected to the regional and global monitoring missions. A regional corporation treaty should be signed with the Indian ocean countries to install a network of tsunami monitoring oceanic stations. However, the success of all these efforts would undoubtedly depend on the state of public disaster preparedness which is a mandatory link in the entire domain of disaster management.”

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