Software Issues in Sri Lanka Part 5

Posted by Indi Samarajiva on October 13, 2006  /  214 Comments

Please continue discussion from Standardizing Sinhala for IT Part 4, on this thread. The change in the title reflects the diverse software issues discussed in the context of Sri Lanka that have gone beyond the initial Unicode vs Donalcode debate. Please keep the discussion civil.

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  1. Why don’t you ask Microsoft or Apple to fund you????

    How much do you need? You never answer this question. Give a sensible breakdown in ruppes and cents. Not a vague answer. Then we can see what really you need.

  2. You can be a partner for the Joint Venture.
    If you need the cost breakdown lets meet.
    Lot of work involved.

    Part has to be developed in Sri Lanka part out side Sri Lanka.
    I have to pay some royalties to other developers.

    Why don’t you ask Microsoft or Apple to fund you????

    Sri lanka is not a market for them. They cannot recover the costs. They may sell 10 cd’s rest will be copied.

    Donald Gaminitillake

  3. I think above posts reveal how narrow Donald’s thinking is.

    He foolishly assume that he puts pressure on Dino from writing here, and one day Dino will accept his solution and fund him through ICTA funds to do whatever he wants.

    A good dream to live on.

    JCA too has a similar mindset, but he is a bit ahead of Donald on two aspects.

    (a) JCA, unlike Donald has something to sell
    (b) Instead of trying to put pressure on Dino, he tries to sell his solution to the users here. (a better approach, but still not very effective.)

    When I ask how Donald plans to “sell” (market) his solution to companies like Microsoft, Nokia, Apple etc, he does not even understand the question I ask. He thinks when I say “selling” I mean selling for money.

    He thinks the govt. approves his patent the next day we all have enough Sinhala content in the net, Sinhala in all our PCs and every problem under the sun is solved.

    Wishful thinking.

    There were so many people who tried to show some sense to Donald, including myself, but all those attempts were in vain. Reminds me the Sinhala saying “Modakamata beheth netha” (There are no medicines for stupidity)

    Unfortunately, Dino will have the last laugh.

  4. I have requested you to meet and talk.

    When can I meet you?

    Not Dino the country will have to suffer the consequences

    Donald Gaminitillake

  5. JC Your font doesnt work. We cannot download it. it gets stuck.

  6. Asterix,

    Thanks for trying. You are still my hero.

    It gets stuck where? You sound like tried, failed and abandoned. Not much confidence in me, eh? That’s alright.

    You shoud have Windows XP or 2K and files for complex scripts from the Windows CD. Maybe you simply have Sinhala Unicode, which should have been all you needed.

    In Win XP, you need to go to the Control Panel, take Regional and language Options, click on the languages tab, then place a check mark against the item that says,
    Install Files for Complex script… It might ask for Windows CD. This actually installs the Uniscribe font renderer and a bunch of unnecessary fonts. (You could remove the fonts by unchecking the box later to get rid of the fonts.)

    I think the poblem is with the Uniscribe version you have. The name of the file is USP10.dll. Place it in the Windows directory (where Notepad) is and try again. Thank you!

    Get the font:
    Go to the web site, right-click the name of a font and select to download it to your desktop. Then simply copy it to the Fonts folder.

    After that, open the Notepad and select that font and type something like

    This font was tested by Microsoft in their lab and verified to work. Actually, they tested in my network and theirs for two weeks and tried several versions of Uniscibe. It works on every machine I know that it was tried on. may be you are trying a Linux machine. I have not gone that far yet. It should work in the Mac too inside programs by Adobe.

  7. Hey Gamage!

    Good to hear from you again. (unless you used a pseudonym on and off).

    A good dream to live on?

    Yeah. That’s all I have. But you never answered my last question. How much are you willing to pay me, or do you want the font for free.

    Asterix, of course, not being so caring, just went up there and downloaded it.

    May be I should tell you that you are welcome to download it for no charge, if that is okay by you.

  8. Asterisk!

    Apparently I was thinking French when I read your message. You could not download it!

    I sent a CD to a gentleman by the name Suriyakumara Gunasena at Modern Book Company at Nugegoda. You migh be able to borrow it from him if he did not trash it.

  9. Asterisk,

    Please take a print out of above so you don’t confuse Mr . Gunasena. Otherwise, make a fake email address (so that we won’t know from which French province you come) and write to Jan would gladly send you a copy. It is 600 kb in size, so you know to warn your ISP.

    Thank you again.

  10. As good old Donald always says, using a Sinhala font desnt need to learn ‘rocket science’ your confounded fonts needs a series of complicated process which a non IT expert like me doesnt want to undergrow. Using a Sinhala font in a computer environmnent cannot be as painful as sitting on a cactus tree. So, I have other heroic deeds than using my magic potion’s strength to ‘install a bloody font.’ I have got other things do. Vanished::::::::…………

  11. Quote
    As good old Donald always says, using a Sinhala font

    This is where you all have gone wrong. I talk of a character allocation table.
    Latin Script across several pages of Unicode is a character allocation table for Latin script.
    I talk of a character allocation table for Sinhala and Tamil (later other indic languages)

    Font is just one segment of a character allocation table

    Donald Gaminitillake

  12. There were two good articles in Sinhala News Paper Maubima. (Sunday Dec 3, 2006)

    One was about the our National anthem printed in School text books.

    Other one was about the computers at the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.(RMV)

    The following link is for the RMV (It is in Sinhala Language) article

    Donald Gaminitillake

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