The new new thing in WiFi

Posted on November 9, 2006  /  1 Comments

A Wi-Fi Express Lane – New York Times

IT’S axiomatic in the computer world that nothing is ever fast enough. And so it goes with popular wireless Wi-Fi networks, which already seem overcrowded and slow. The growing interest in video sites like YouTube and streaming TV programs online has served to underscore the problem. Naturally, the wireless manufacturers are happy to step into the breach with a new, faster Wi-Fi standard. Well, almost.

Under the technical rubric 802.11n, the new Wi-Fi routers and adapters for desktops and laptops are based not on a completed specification but on a draft version of the specification that is before the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standards body. The institute standard is not expected to be ratified until early in 2008.

1 Comment

  1. I think its called wireless pre-n , the devices that are pre-n ready are already already available here in UK. They have been here for sometime now. I think its still under testing. Offers much higher data rates than 802.11g