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Posted on December 13, 2006  /  53 Comments

Several weeks ago we speculated on why the Maldives, with its tiny population, needed two undersea cables. The answer is that the first cable is a collaboration between the new entrant Wataniya and India’s disruptive competitor, Reliance (through its FLAG unit). This created enormous pressure on the complacent incumbent Dhiraagu, the result being the cable to Colombo.


A new fibre optic undersea cable that connects Maldives to Sri Lanka will bring down international call charges from the Indian Ocean coral atoll, officials said Tuesday.Until the cable was commissioned this month, bilateral traffic of 600,000 minutes per month was routed via more expensive satellite links.

The undersea cable is a 20 million US dollar joint venture between Sri Lanka Telecom, owned by Japan’s NTT and the government of Sri Lanka and the Maldive state telecom firm, Dhiraagu.

“We expect call charges to fall,” Sri Lanka Telecom Chief Executive Officer Shoji Takahashi said.


  1. Hi all, do you guys know that Dhiraagu’s 99% of its staffs are Maldivians? and they only implement what they promise to its customers not just persuading us by lying like what WATANIYA did. and 100% of Wataniya’s net profit will go directly to their overseas accounts ( some accounts are made for few MAldivians as mentioned in few comments hehe). what MAldives has gained from this? and to our economy development? guys i still believe DHIRAAGU will bring us changes and will bring all high technology to Maldivese. im proud of DHIRAAGU as a Maldivian. GOD bless DHIRAAGU. coz Wataniya has a hidden Agend behind all these lies. thnx

  2. There are 2 cables because Dhiraagu chose not to participate in the FLAG cable but to find another way!!! Perhaps this is a wise decision as the Wataniya cable is still not live but Dhiraagu cable is already, at least partially, live. Time will tell who the winner is in the cable race.
    Given that recent earth quake in Taiwan and it disrupted telcom service, 2 cables to Maldives maybe a blessing in disguise as it diversifies the cable connection to Maldives.

  3. Number portability is crucial at this stage and TAM should introduce it as soon as possible. It is the biggest barrier for businesses to switch from one operator to another.