LIRNEasia researcher appointed Secretary to Minister of Finance Thailand

Posted on March 18, 2007  /  1 Comments

Our colleague who was a member of the six-country research study, Deunden Nikomborirak, has been appointed secretary to the new Minister of Finance in the interim Thai government.   The news coverage of the appointment of the new Minister also mentions Deunden as one of his other pro-market colleagues.  The new Minister, for example, had criticized the government’s December 2006 actions that led to capital flight.

We wish her the very best in her new responsibilities.   Knowing her abilities and intellect, we are confident that Thailand will be well served, even if the research community loses in the short term.

1 Comment

  1. having worked closely with deunden on the thai telecom sector on our six country study i am fully aware of her pro-market pro-competition views. i hope she would be able to implement at least some of them. all the best deunden!