Mobile roaming, or the art of gouging someone else’s customer

Posted on March 19, 2007  /  0 Comments

In the old days, telecom operators gouged each other’s customers through excessive termination charges (settlements) for international calls.   That went the way of the dodo with bypass and calling cards.   Then they came up with the idea of gouging the customers of other operators foolish enough to use roaming facilities.   Now the EU is trying to tamp it down, at least for its own citizens:

“The price of using a mobile phone in another EU country could be capped at 50 cents ($0.66; 34p) a minute. EU telecoms ministers agreed in principle to the limit at an informal meeting on the sidelines of the CeBIT hi-tech fair in Hanover. The European Parliament will debate the issue in May and ministers are understood to want the new law to come into effect at the beginning of July.”  more

Will this lead to even more vicious gouging of non-EU citizens?  A good case for benchmark regulation and transparency, one thinks.

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