WDR Expert Forum on ICT Sector and Regulatory Performance indicators

Posted on March 6, 2007  /  4 Comments


The WDR Expert Forum, held in association with the Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS), took place at the Changi Village Hotel, Singapore from March 2-3, 2007. The Forum focused on ICT sector and regulatory performance indicators and discussed the issues that NRAs and NSOs face with regards to data collection and definitions.

The presentations made are available for download below:

March 2, 2007

1. Introduction

Rohan Samarajiva | Download Speech

2. Overview of Regulatory Performance in Six South & South East Asian Countries: TRE Methodology and Results

Rohan Samarajiva | Download Presentation

3. Problems & Prospects for Standardizing Sector Performance by NRAs

Helani Galpaya and Sriganesh Lokanathan | Download Presentation

4. Integrating ICT Questions in the Work of NSOs

Harsha de Silva | Download Presentation

5. Challenges of High AMPU in a Low ARPU World

Mahinda Herath | Download Presentation

6. Fixed & Mobile Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/Case Study

Malathy Knight-John | Download Presentation

7. Internet & ICT Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/Case Study

Divakar Goswami | Download Presentation

8. Price/Affordability Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/Case Study

Harsha de Silva | Download Presentation

9. Digital Divide and Demographic Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/Case Study

Joseph Wilson | Download Presentation

March 3, 2007

1. Traffic (Utilization) and Revenue Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/ Case Study

Lorraine Carlos Salazar | Download Presentation

2. Industry Structure and Industry Impact Indicators: Definitions and Regional Illustration/Case Study

Payal Malik | Download Presentation


  1. Sudharma Yoonaidharma

    Thank you. You did a great job.

  2. Sudharma Yoonaidharma

    You did great job in organizing the event. Our staff who are trained in Singapore received great benefit from the training.

  3. Dear Commissioner, Thank you very much for your kind words. The slides from the training course are now up on the website.
    We are now firming up plans to offer the course again in March 2008 in Singapore. We hope we will see participation from NTC again.


  4. Thank you for presenting this valuable information on telecom development. I have downloaded all the presentations and learnt a lot from them. I am grateful for the presenters for making them useful even for someone who do not get the opportunity to hear you talk.

    The question however, is how far these findings are used by the Regulatory authorities in their policy planning and implementation. It will be of little use if the information remains in the pdf files. The authorities should not only read them but effectively use them in their decision making process as well.

    I wish you all the best.