New thinking on spectrum use from Silicon Valley

Posted on April 9, 2007  /  0 Comments

Lots to think about in newest developments on more flexible uses of spectrum.   This goes way beyond imposing private property rights on frequencies; this is a completely new way of thinking about spectrum.

Silicon Valley Moneymen Make a Play for Airwaves – New York Times

Mr. Bose, son of the audio designer Amar G. Bose, is pursuing an advanced radio technology known as software-defined radio, which controls frequencies through software rather than hardware.

In principle, this would permit much more efficient use of radio spectrum, allowing the sharing of frequencies through a variety of techniques .

Frontline proposes to create a large spectrum block that could be sold wholesale to companies that are building services for new portable Internet devices for receiving and transmitting voice, video and data. In the event of public safety emergencies, however, the spectrum could be reclaimed for use by the police, firefighters or medical emergency workers.

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