On LIRNEasia.net’s policy of no editorial control

Posted on June 17, 2007  /  1 Comments

The following column on LBO.LK discusses an issue that has involved one of the discussion threads in the website.


Recently, the blog has become controversial. Since April 2006, one thread has been used by various persons to discuss Sri Lankan ICT policy issues, with emphasis on the appropriate standards for using Sinhala in computing.

Not all the comments on this thread have been rational and civilized and some commenters have engaged in personal vilification.

The controversy hit a peak around the time of Professor V.K. Samaranayake’s felicitation event at the University of Colombo in early June and his subsequent demise.

It is fair to say that Professor Samaranayake bore the brunt of the personal attacks on the website, though the President of the Maldives, Mr Milinda Moragoda and I, among others, had also been attacked at various times.

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  1. Oh! Sorry, I have posted it that way, not considering other possibilities of that text appearing here.
    Maybe someone on our side has posted my comment on this thread. If so, please disregard the first paragraph of my previous post. Even so, I would have appreciated if s/he has asked me first… Anyway, it is ok (If the intension of copying that comment was good)!
    If someone with the intension of saving SiUnicoke has copied my comment on Sinhala Unicode Samuuhaya to this thread, it is OK. Right…