Sri Lanka villages can be evacuated in 2 minutes

Posted on June 8, 2007  /  0 Comments

European Parliament – News – Headlines – Article – Post Tsunami reconstruction – triumph or tragedy?

Mr Jayantha Samarasinghe of the Sri Lanka reconstruction agency told MEPs of how reconstruction efforts were proceeding. Among the figures he cited were that 134 of the 183 damaged schools were back in action, 80 railway bridges had been rebuilt and 75% of the fishing sector had been restored.In terms of early warning he said that the Dutch government had donated 50 Tsunami early warning towers. He also said that villages in coastal regions in danger of flooding had all worked out “escape routes” to higher ground. He said that if enough time was given then villages could be evacuated in 2 minutes.

Finally, it looks like the warning towers that were supposed to have been installed by the second anniversary have been negotiated. I guess the reason the audience did not burst out in laughter was because they do not know what it takes to evacuate a village.

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