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Posted on July 14, 2007  /  3 Comments

As LIRNEasia plans its future research plans, which will be centered on mobile as a “more-than-voice” mode of access to means of communication, information retrieval and publishing, as well as completion of transactions (including payments), we have come up against the need to critically examine current efforts on, and plans for, telecenters.   Obviously, this is a discussion that will be Asia-Pacific-wide, like everything LIRNEasia does.  However, we’d like to get this started with a provincial news report in a Sri Lankan newspaper, simply because it was posted on the website by a reader/writer.  The comments and thoughts of all on the future of telecenters are welcome.

:: Daily Mirror – Opinion ::

The Nenasala Information Technology Training Centre in Ganewatta DS Division in Hiriyala electorate which was declared open by the Provincial Council Member (NWP) Laxman Perera ceased to function within days of opening.

The training centre was established according to a concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa to expand Information Technology at grass-roots level.

However it is a matter of serious concern that Nenasala Information Technology Centre in Ganewatta has grounded to a halt in a short period of time.

The residents of the area said the successful applicants were from the families of UNP supporters and that the Training Centre ceased to function due to political interference.

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  1. Does ICTA follow a good criteria before offering a Nenasla to a certain area or a village? Do they do any feasibility? If that happens this type of things won’t happen.

  2. Some telecenters operating in Pakistan are doing well. The sponsorship by private companies is reflection of the recent recognition of corporate social work.



  3. Does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) yield sustainable telecenters? What happens when the charity stops?

    Does not sustainability mean that the telecenter can meet all its costs within a defined time period?