Prototype of future mobile phones

Posted on July 3, 2007  /  2 Comments

One of the key factors that will determine the success of the mobile-centric future scenario for ICTs over the scenario that has a computer/telecenter at the center is the utility of the mobile handset.   Whether the iPhone is  the prototype of that handset, we cannot predict.   But at least it has juiced up the discussion.

Rival Manufacturers Chasing the iPhone – New York Times

Analysts and executives in South Korea say that the iPhone, with its full-scale Internet browser and distinctive touch screen with colorful icons, is more than just another souped-up cellphone. They fear this Silicon Valley challenger could leap past Asian makers into the age of digital convergence by combining personal computing and mobile technologies as no device has before.

“Apple’s impact will be bigger than Asian handset makers think,” said Kim Yoon-ho, an analyst in Seoul at Prudential Securities. “The iPhone is different from previous mobile phones. It is the prototype of the future of mobile phones.”

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  1. Have a look at the future mobile phone.

  2. T-Mobile’s answer to the IPhone, just days after it was released, enables users to make (free) calls over WiFi networks: