USD 60 billion in BPO exports projected for India: will other South Asian countries see some of it?

Posted on July 3, 2007  /  2 Comments

There is no reason why Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and even the microstates of Bhutan and Maldives cannot get BPO business, not in competition with the Indian juggernaut, but in a complementary way.

Sri Lanka had no BPO business to speak of prior to 2002, despite similarities with South India where it was booming. It was only after the international liberalization of 2002-03 that BPOs started in a significant way in Sri Lanka, though that promising start has been affected by the unsettled security situation.

For the policy makers and implementors in these countries to contemplate: 1 percent of USD 60 billion is USD 600 million. That is not chump change.


India’s exports of software and related services are expected to almost double in three years to 60 billion dollars, maintaining the country’s lead over rivals such as China, the industry said Monday.But the rupee’s strength and a shortage of talent are major concerns for an industry that posted 33 percent growth in exports to 31.4 billion dollars in the year ended March 31, the National Association of Software and Service Companies said in its annual survey.

“The indicators continue to be positive with a potential addressable market of over 300 billion US dollars, driven by growth of existing business and new services opportunities,” said Kiran Karnik, president of NASSCOM, as the industry lobby is known.

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