Broadband in UK does not deliver

Posted on August 2, 2007  /  2 Comments

There is a huge gap between advertised broadband speeds and the actual speeds users can achieve, research has shown. A survey by consumer group which found that broadband packages promising speeds of up to 8Mbps (megabits per second) actually achieved far less. Tests of 300 customers’ net connections revealed that the average download speed they were getting was 2.7Mbps. Which has called on regulator Ofcom and Trading Standards to launch a fresh investigation into UK broadband. The speed tests were prompted by complaints from members of the public, unhappy with the speeds of their broadband connections.

In the last 12 months more internet service providers (ISPs) have offered services, promising speeds of up to 8Mbps. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has investigated several cases of misleading promotions, most recently asking Bulldog to make it clear in its adverts that speed was dependent on how far away from the exchange people lived.

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  1. Eheth ehemada? Meheth ehemai.

  2. In China I can download an entire movie from Torrentspy via the Azuerus app in 3-5 hours over a 2Gbps ADSL line. Cost is LKR 2200 (150 Yuan) per month with unlimited access. It would take me 3-4 days to download the same movie in Sri Lanka over a share 512kbps ADSL line at the cost of LKR 2800 per month with unlimited time. But the Great Fire Wall doesn’t allow us to browse the Wikipedia or WordPress hosted blogs.