Dialog and NDB to launch eZ Pay mCommerce solution, an alternative to Visa/Master Cards

Posted on August 14, 2007  /  6 Comments

Dialog Telekom (Dialog) of Sri Lanka and the National Development Bank (NDB) of Sri Lanka will be launching a mobile payment (mCommerce) solution called “eZ Pay” this week. The solution is similar to a merchant accepting Visa or MasterCard credit/ debit cards for payments.

If you know of anyone who maybe interested, please pass on and have them call the number listed (077 244 8888 or 011 244 8888) and an agent will visit you to demonstrate the solution and/or give more information.

This is ideal for individuals who have not been able to obtain credit/ debit card acceptance machines at their outlets at present. For example, Grocery stores, Bakeries, Restaurants (Kade), Pharmacies, Medical centers, Tailors/ Clothing shops, Salons, Hardware stores, Taxi services, Home delivery, Stationery/ book shops, Accessory shops, Car wash/Service stations etc.

Some of the key features are as follows;

– Merchant has to have a Dialog connection.
– Needs to sign up as a Merchant to accept eZ pay with NDB (similar to signing up to accept credit/debit cards).
– Need to obtain new SIM with eZ Pay (mCommerce) application, the SIM is initially given free and you can use your current subscriber number (SIM swap).
– Transactions are online and are in effect a mobile (account) to mobile (account) transfer.
– Settlements are effected next working day (or as agreed) to the merchant via Account credit, SLIPS or Pay order.
– All transactions are PIN for both the Merchant and Customer.
– Electronic receipts are sent to both parties in confirmation of the transaction.
– Detailed statement submitted to Merchant.
– Merchant has to pay a commission to NDB similar to credit/ debit card acceptance.
– No communication charges to the Merchant, Only one SMS charge to the Customer.
– 24 x 7 call centre support for both Merchants and Customers.
– Transactions include payments over the counter (OTC), Cash Top Ups, Cash withdrawals, Bill payments, Funds Transfers, Balance check, Mini statement etc.
– The Customer has to open a prepaid card account at NDB (other banks will be on board as well shortly) and Top it up (deposit funds) prior to use.
– Needs to have a Dialog connection in own name.
– Will require obtaining new SIM, but can retain same subscriber mobile number (SIM swap).
– Will additionally receive a global Visa plastic card that could be used in any ATM or POS terminal.
– Detailed statement can be requested.

What is eZ Pay

Merchant Quick Guide

Grow Your Biz the Eazy Way


  1. We also using this type of payment modes here in our country they call its version as Gcash..

  2. Since this doesn’t use internet over the air(ex- https) and we haven’t seen that the GSM isn’t secure any more.how secure is this solution?
    Dialog has to elaborate more on the point to point security of the transaction PIN!

  3. I think this journalist is doing propaganda for Dialog !

    Who can compare VISA/MC with EzPay?
    This is just a method of transferring your deposit cash to a different person staying in a distant location within Sri Lanka.similar to money order send via a Mobile Phone.
    Only difference is you can send a money order to a post office, but with eZ pay, you can send money to the specific person directly.

    Since here the customer has to deposit money before doing transactions, this is some what similar to a Debit card. But still both have major differences.

  4. This is ancient history. The payment mechanism announced yesterday (June 13, 2012) does not involve opening bank accounts. Obviously the 2009 model did not work.

  5. What do you mean by the 2009 model? Was it the Sampath Bank’s bank transfers through mobile phones? I transfered money several times and it worked. I am not sure if it still operates.

    1. Dialog-NDB is what the post was about. Sampath did not involve mobile operators.