Doubts becoming widespread re mobile penetration number

Posted on August 24, 2007  /  0 Comments

When we started the indicators work in 2006, we thought we’d be able to crack the problem of defining the mobile customer.   We did not.   The end result is the we not longer report “mobile/100 people,” preferring instead the more accurate term, “Mobile SIMs/100.”   The Arab Advisors Group has reached a similar conclusion.  

Their recommendations are fine in theory, but we are not sure very practical.

Arab Advisors Group questions mobile coverage rates – Developing Telecoms

During its survey of Jordan’s cellular users, Arab Advisors Group identified multiple line use by the same individuals and the presence of expatriates outside official population figures as two reasons why Jordan’s Effective Mobile Penetration Rate is running at around 48%, 26 percentage points lower than its claimed 74.2% mobile penetration rate.

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