Etisalat begins cellphone operation in Afghanistan

Posted on August 31, 2007  /  3 Comments

United Arab Emirates company Etisalat began operating in
Afghanistan on Wednesday becoming the fifth mobile phone service provider and one of the biggest foreign investors.  

With an investment of $300 million, Etisalat’s mobile phone network will initially cover Afghanistan’s main cities. Etisalat, the third-largest Arab telecom firm by market value, joins four other telecommunication companies operating in the country.  

These companies have invested some $800 million in the Afghan telecoms sector and the government has earned $100 million from them in the past year in tax and from issuing licences. Read more.


  1. today i am very happy to hear that etisalat have started its network in Afghanistan. every one knows it will end the monarchesm of Roshan and AWCC in Afghanistan because those companies sucked the blood of the poor Afghan by selling their poor coverage sim cards.
    once again i am extremly happy and i convey my warm regards and greetings to the owner and worker of respected etisalat cell phone company.
    Ahmad Shah from Jalalabad, Afghanistan

  2. bonjour je vous poser la question sur e-mail suivant ; – pour les demende d’emploi est -ce que cet e-mail conserne la zone d’afrique ou non ? merci pour la compréhension

  3. Salaam,

    Your firm is more corrupt than other branches of Afghan Government. Recently the Itisalat Company of Afghanistan wanted to install a telephone tower in our yard in Khairkhana, Kabul. The Engineer in charge of the project is demanding $3000 (US dollar) in bribe for choosing our house for the antenna. If you were interested in this matter I will provide you with detailed information.