Internet within the reach of 70% of Maldives population

Posted on August 6, 2007  /  1 Comments

According to a Maldives online news publication, always on Internet is now available in 27 more islands.

News In Brief 5 August 2007

Dhiraagu has extended its internet service to twenty seven additional islands, meaning 70% of Maldivians can now access broadband internet. Dhiraagu, which was given permission to extend internet coverage to the atolls in August 2006, now provides a service to forty two islands.

The company plans to extend its network to cover all islands with more than nine hundred residents.

Is it possible for a knowledgeable person to tell us what “broadband internet” means in the Maldives?   Is there a 2MB offering?  Or is it 256 kbps?  Difference in up and down speeds?  At what price?

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1 Comment