LIRNEasia’s TRE research discussed in ITU Report

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The ITU’s World Information Society Report 2007 contains the following discussion of one of LIRNEasia’s flagship products, the Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) assessment, in Chapter 2, Bridging the digital divide (p. 32).

“One innovative approach adopted recently in the
Asian market is to try to quantify the extent of
sector reform. LIRNEAsia has conducted research
into the regulatory environment in six Asian economies
(India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri
Lanka and Thailand). Their research is based on
interviews rating performance in market entry,
scarce resources, interconnection, prices, anticompetitive
practices and universal service. Their
evaluation of the regulatory environment is in general
agreement with sector performance, as measured
by the DOI. However, the fit is not perfect: for
instance, Sri Lanka actually gained two places in
the DOI, but it lagged behind, ranked fourth out
of the six countries in regulatory performance.11
This suggests lags in relating changes in the regulatory
environment to sector performance.”

We appreciate the care with which the report has been written, emphasizing in the reference that it is still a work in progress:

“Work to evaluate the Telecommunication Regulatory Environment by LIRNEAsia is ongoing. For interim results, see
the presentation by Rohan Samarajiva et al (March 2007) at: For ongoing work on refining the methodology, see: ”

The most current version of the TRE results was presented at the Pakistan Telecom Authority workshop in Islamabad, July 15, 2007.  The final paper will be presented at the 35th Telecom Policy Research Conference in Virginia, USA, September 30, 2007 and will be available online prior to that.

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