Review of tsunami warning/alert

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The Minister is to be commended for initiating the review of the alert process that went from alert to evacuation in minutes.

Sri Lanka News | Online edition of Daily News – Lakehouse Newspapers

Disaster Management Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe, called for an immediate review of the tsunami alert process that was put into operation on September 12 to learn from the experience and refine procedures the Disaster Management and Human Rights Ministry in a release said.He stated that the successful exercise could prove a platform for future improvements to the early warning process making it more effective and efficient.

Consequent to the earthquake in Indonesia, the tsunami early warning process was activated in Sri Lanka on September 12.

The Minister appreciated the efforts of the officials of the Disaster Management and Huamn Rights Ministry Meteorology, Department Disaster Management Centre, Geological Survey and Mines Bureau and the NARA.

He also commended all Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies for their involvement in ensuring that the safety of coastal dwellers was catered to by moving them to secure locations further inland.

He made special mention of the role of the Police and Armed Forces and the entire national media network, especially the electronic media including several FM radio stations, in implementing the early warning process.

He highlighted the input of communications companies Sri Lanka telecom and Dialog GSM who also contributed immensely to this exercise.

The Minister called for a sharing of experiences between experts at the national and district level and service providers whose interactions would result in improved coordination and programming during a future emergency.

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