Talking CAP in Harbin, ISCRAM-CHINA 2007

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Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) was the talk of the town in Harbin at the ISCRAM-CHINA workshop, which took place August 26-27, 2007. The event was jointly organized by the ISCRAM-Community and the School of Economics and Management – Harbin Engineering University. The workshop was a post-conference meeting to the International Disaster Reduction Conference (IDRC), which took place 21-25 August, 2007.

LIRNEasia project manager, Nuwan Waidyanatha, was 1 of 2 Sri Lankan delegates invited to present a research paper and the other was Chamindra De Silva of Lanka Software Foundation – Sahana Project. LIRNEasia presentation titled “Common Alerting Protocol Message Broker for Last-Mile Hazard Warning System in Sri Lanka: An Essential Component” was 1 of 115 papers published in the workshop proceedings. The paper was based on the research findings that proved the need for a CAP Broker to improve the performance of the Hazard-Information-Hub at Sarvodaya in order to make the Last-Mile Hazard Warning System highly reliable and relatively effective. A LIRNEasia paper on CAP relating to the “challenges of internetworking with CAP” was also published in the ISCRAM conference in Delft, Netherlands in May this year and was invited to present at the conference.

CAP is widely accepted by emergency communicators but practically adopted by very few. However lags in being used for Internetworking and Multilingual communications were it has its strengths. Those who discussed CAP including representatives from the European Union and United Sates of America expressed that the Multilingual and Physically Challenged issues are yet to be addressed in their CAP research, which means Sri Lanka may be in the forefront of CAP research.

Paper on HazInfo CAP Message Broker, ISCRAM-CHINA proceedings –
N. Waidyanatha, G. Gow, P. Anderson (2007 August). “Common Alerting Protocol Message Broker for Last-Mile Hazard Warnings in Sri Lanka: An Essential Component”. Proceedings of the 2nd International ISCRAM Workshop, Harbin, China (B. Van de Walle, X. Li, and S. Zhang, eds.), Pages 59 – 65

Presentation – CAP Message Broker, An Essential Component

Report ISCRAM-CHINA 2007

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