Is India showing us the mobile centric Internet future?

Posted on October 11, 2007  /  1 Comments

Net user base shrinks as Indians go mobile- Internet -Infotech-The Economic Times

Even as net connections are falling, the number of people accessing the web on their cellphones increased by a whopping 7 million to cross the 38 million mark. This emphasises how the cellphone is fast becoming the primary medium for Indians to connect to the net as the number of people using their mobile handsets to access the web is now over four times those using a PC.

That means over a fifth of India’s 200 million-plus mobile subscribers use their cellphones to log in to their favourite websites.

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1 Comment

  1. Last week’s Economist has a related article on Mobile Advertising – for which spending is predicted to increase from $871m worldwide to as much as 11 – 20 billion by 2011.

    “At the moment, most mobile advertising takes the form of text messages. But telecoms firms are also beginning to deliver ads to handsets alongside video clips, web pages, and music and game downloads, through mobiles that are nifty enough to permit such things. Informa forecasts that annual expenditure will reach $11.4 billion by 2011. Other analysts predict the market will be as big as $20 billion by then.

    The 2.5 billion mobile phones around the world can potentially reach a much bigger audience than the planet’s billion or so personal computers. The number of mobile phones in use is also growing much faster than the number of computers, especially in poorer countries. Better yet, most people carry their mobile with them everywhere—something that cannot be said of television or computers.”